Ginger Essential Oil Supports Digestion

gingerThe ginger plant is a rhizome or root.  It is used throughout the world in countries such a China, Japan, India, Greece, Caribbean countries, England and the USA.  It is made into a variety of foods and drinks:  Ginger tea, ginger-ale, ginger snaps, etc.  It has been used historically for the ability to enhance immunity, improve digestion and reduce inflammation.

It is common for pregnant women to eat ginger snaps, drink ginger tea or ginger-ale to help subside the nausea that it common in the first trimester.

Ginger is considered a super-food herb.  As an herb it has an ORAC score of 28,811. (ORAC = Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity == this tells us how effective this substance is at destroying the radicals in our cells that do so much damage.)

When the ginger plant is distilled by steam, the oil that is exuded from the rhizome has an ORAC of 99,300!!  This is awesome to see how much more efficient the oils are at destroying those free radicals in our cells versus the herb itself.  The oil is SO POTENT!!

How can you use Ginger Essential Oginger oilil?  I love to put YL Ginger Essential Oil in my muscle rub (I combine a mixture of Young Living Oils that have anti-inflammatory, and calming effects to them with coconut oil and shea butter).

You can also use it in food recipes that call for ginger.  Remember that oils are much more potent that the ginger plant itself, so start off with 1 drop (mixed into the liquid/oil of the recipe) and increase according to your taste.

Another way to get this awesome ginger essential oil into your system would be to put 2 drops in a veggie capsule (you can buy these capsules from young living or at the health food store) with a carrier oil (avocado, olive, coconut are good choices) and ingest it prior to or after a meal.  NOTE:  Make sure to ONLY ingest Young Living Essential Oils that are approved as safe to ingest.  I don’t recommend ingesting any other brand of essential oil — they don’t carry the seed-to-seal purity promise that Young Living does.

There are supplements that Young Living makes that have this wonderful ginger essential oil in them that you may enjoy.  Young Living Ginger Essential Oil is found in: Abundance, Allerzyme, Comfor-Tone, DiGize, Digest&Clense, EndoGize, Essentialzymes04, ICP, Live with Passion, Magnify Your Purpose, and Ultra Young Plus.

Want to get started with Young Living Oils and Supplements?  Go here to find out how.

Read this article for some more great information about Ginger.  “Ginger Enhances Digestion” by

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