How To Use Essential Oils Safely

You’ve decided to take the plunge.  You’ve ordered your starter kit and now you have a box of 10 everyday oils, a bottle of citrus fresh, a diffuser, some packets of Ninxgia Red and some samples and information pages.

I want to outline some safety guidelines and hints and tips that will make beginning your oil journey a little easier.

How to Use Essential Oils


  • Apply the oils directly to the desired area using 1-3 drops of oil (remember that these oils are very concentrated), following the directions on the bottle of oil.
  • Suggested areas: Feet (having the largest pores on the body), behind ears, wrists, on front of the neck, and the base of the skull.  These are all points were it is easier for the oils to get into the blood stream.
  • Use Vita Flex Therapy as a simple method of applying oils to carry them along the neuro-electrical pathways to benefit the particular organ.
  • Layer oils by applying them on top of one another — waiting a few minutes in between for them to absorb into the skin — and then topping with a carrier oil if required.
  • Placing a warm compress over the area after applying the oils to the skin.

CARRIER OILSjojoba-oil

Carrier oils are non-essential oils used for dilution.  Examples: Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil.  Coconut oil is solid below 75 degrees and is a great option when making creams or balms.



Infants: 1-3 drops of essential oil to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil

Children (1-5 years old):  1-3 drops of essential oil to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil


Suggestions for Aromatic Use:

  1. Diffuse with an ultrasonic diffuser.
  2. Place a drop in your cupped hand, rub palms together in a circular motion, and bring hands to the face and breathe slow and steadily for 1 minute.
  3. Smell directly from the bottle.
  4. Place in cotton balls near air vents at home or in the car.

8075142077_00a3d583a3_zTips for Diffusing:

  1. Diffuse your oil in an ultrasonic diffuser, following instructions on the back of the bottle for time limits.
  1. Use distilled water to ensure the longevity of your diffuser.
  2. Do not use essential oils in humidifiers unless specified by the manufacturer.


If an oil’s label indicates it can be used as a dietary supplement, you can add the oil to a recipe that you are cooking, in a glass of water (use glass containers only), or a vegetable or gelatin capsule.

**I personally would not suggest ingesting any essential oil other than Young Living Essential Oils because of their guaranteed purity.


Never use essential oils in eyes or inside your ears.

If you accidentally get an oil in your eyes or ears, flush with a carrier oil, not water.

If skin sensitivity occurs, dilute with carrier oils.  Don’t try to put water on it, the water drives it into the skin more.

Only ingest Young Living brand essential oils only following dietary instructions on the label.  Never ingest an essential oil that is not GRAS (generally regarded as safe as a food additive by the FDA).


Quality Counts with Young Living Essential Oils

For over 20 years, Young Living has set the standard for purity and authenticity.  They carefully monitor the whole process from the planting of the organic seed on their own virgin land, the time and method tested harvest, the proprietary low-temperature and pressure steam distillation, the oil being tested in state of the art labs at several locations, and bottled in their own factory.  This is their Seed-to-Seal promise to you and I of quality Therapeutic Grade Pure Essential Oils that you can be confident to use in your home and with your family.

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