Why I love Young Living Oils for my Journey

I started using Young Living Essential Oils when the company was brand new in the early 1990’s.  My mother-in-law was real knowledgeable in using them and would share them with me and my growing family.  I witnessed her help heal her husband’s failing kidneys with a good diet, prayer an8075142077_00a3d583a3_zd essential oils.  I watched her lose 70 pounds from the same regiment and gain lots of vitality.  She helped our little family get over many sicknesses.  After her death I really didn’t have too much exposure with them except for when my brother-in-law who works in research and development at Young Living would share something with us to help an ailment that we had at the time.

Fast forward to 2014, my health had declined through years of neglect and eating the standard American diet.  I began to search the internet for ways to help my problems with diet and supplements.  My interest in essential oils was renewed.  I searched, read, and studied everything that I could find about essential oils.  I was ready to introduce them into my life again, along with a whole food diet and toxin free environment, only this time with passion and 100% commitment.

I noticed that while researching about essential oils that Young Living wasn’t the only essential oil company anymore.  During the past several years many other companies have seen the success of Young Living and the how the interest in natural remedies among the people had increased.   I did a bunch of research on all of the different companies and what they had to offer.  I even tried some oils from other companies.  After my research I concluded that I could only have total confidence in the oils produced by Young Living.  This commitment has only gotten stronger as I have come to use the oils on a daily basis and learn more about the company.


This is a photo of the lavender field on the Young Living St. Maries Farm in Idaho.  When Young Living looks for a farm to start to grow their crops, they invest in land that is virgin.  This means that it hasn’t had toxic chemicals used on the land previously by the way of chemical fertilizer and pesticides.  The founder of Young Living, Gary Young, brought seeds from their farm in France to grow the lavender and Melissa plants.

Every year hundreds of Young Living member volunteers show up to the many Young Living farms throughout the world and at their own expense stay for the week and assist in the harvest and distillation of the oils from these wonderful plants.  They also help in the replanting.  The members of Young Living feel so grateful to have benefited from these oils that they want to pay it back with their time.


I absolutely love the Young Living company and their oils have helped out me and my family so very much.  I’d love to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you.  If you are interested in starting your journey in health and healing with Young Living oils go to Buy Essential Oils.

Check out this cool video to learn more about why others love Young Living as well!


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